Business How Emefiele, CBN Can Scrap Multiple FX Rates in Nigeria- Charles Soludo



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Former Central Bank Governor, Charles Soludo has called on the apex bank to get rid of the country's multiple exchange rate markets.

According to him, there are about 5 foreign exchange markets in the country and this isn't good for the currency.

“Nigeria must get out of multiple exchange rates and we must eliminate the premium, get it back on track at a competitive exchange rate regime. The uncertainty that is created by that is so enormous; and with the oil price rising and with the increase in oil earnings, this is the time to take bold steps and do the needful.”

On how policymakers can eliminate the multiple exchange rates and close the gap, he said:

“On bold steps, the template is not too far. We have done it before and it is just going back to it. If it (the template) is not broken, why mend it? Get back and eliminate the multiple exchange rate regime, eliminate the premium, or at least significantly reduce it to not more than between three to maximum of five per cent premium between the parallel and official exchange rates.

“On what it takes to do it, that is basically known. Get the public finance okay; I can tell you that with the momentum of what is going on in the rest of the world, by the end of this year, we should actually be having stocks of reserves in the range of about $50bn or $60bn.”


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