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Metro ''How Many Wives Do You Have?''-CAN Blasts Chris Okotie For Calling For Oritsejafor's Resignation



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The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has called on the founder of Household of God, Pastor Chris Okotie to manage his home properly before speaking on public matters.

According to PUNCH,reacting to the demand by Okotie that CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, should resign over his alleged involvement of his aircraft in the controversial $9.3m smuggled into South Africa, CAN Director of National Issues in CAN, Mr. Sunny Oibe, said, "Is Chris Okotie a Christian? How many wives has he?

"He should go and sort out himself. Even the government has exonerated Pastor Ayo of all the allegations. So, who is Okotie? Well, it is laughable if Chris Okotie should demand that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor should resign as President of CAN.

"Chris Okotie should remove the log in his eyes before he begins to see a peck in somebody’s eyes. Pastor Ayo had a soaring integrity before he was elected the President of CAN. Who elected Chris Okotie to become the spokesperson of Christians in Nigeria?

"CAN will not like to join issues with Okotie because doing that will amount to making him popular. He is looking for popularity which he doesn’t have through Pastor Ayo and he is not going to get it.

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Emmmmm... I think Okotie has lost the right to speak in public. Isn't he supposed to be a man of God? A shinning example for his congregation? Hmmmmm..... Baffling.
@Samod Biobaku CAN's rebuke of Okotie sounded so unchristian.
As I sip my Caprisone and Vodka, I run my fingers through my hair and look from my left to my right and than back to my left and then again to my right... I'm looking at CAN President and Okotie and the more I look at them, the more they look like Siamese twins. It's like kettle calling pot black. I just love these men of God. They are perfect role models for our generation especially with matters unconnected with immorality and vain desires.