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Entertainment How The Actors Guild Of Nigeria Plans To Eradicate Sexual Harassment - President

The new national president of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Ejezie is planning a shake-up of the industry to eradicate sexual harassment and the culture of sex for roles. He acknowledge the problem in his interview with the News agency of Nigeria and is determined to work with all stake holders to stop the practice.

Here are the key points of his plans:
  • Campaigning against sexual harassment of members and ensure it begins to occupy its pride of place
  • database that would checkmate the activities of those who come into the guild with other motives
  • identify producers who were alleged to be extorting monies from young actors with a promise to allocate good roles to them in their films
  • cordial relationship between young actors and the veterans for the growth of the industry
Sexual harassment is a problem the Nigerian society has to deal with but the entertainment industry the world over is particularly vulnerable. Let us hope the words are turned into action.

Image from Nigerian Sun Newspaper
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