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How To Detect A Fake SanDisk Memory Card



Sandisk had been producing Micro SD cards for more than two decades now. Unfortunately, Sandisk Micro SD cards are the most pirated and copied SD card in the market and more of original Sandisk Micro SD cards are getting more and more difficult to detect as the fake ones are more in market but luckily, one can identify a fake from an original one from the spot just by taking a close look at it. Here is how:


1. Packaging (Front side)

There most time information on a packaging of a fake Sandisk does not match with the information on the microSD card. for example, if the packaging said "MicroSDHC", but the card has "SDXC" logo or another way around, this is fake.

2. Packaging (Back side).

The back side sometimes may have a lot of stories to tell. One of easiest ways to check is to get the UPC and look for the correspondent product assigned to it. If the product does not match with what the packaging said, this is fake.

3. Unboxing

When you remove and open the packaging, the plastic cover protecting the original MicroSD and the adaptor is protected at the back with a fine cut white paper that is protecting it. But for the fake ones, the MicroSD card's protected in all round transparent platics when you try to unbox the card from the packaging.

MicroSDCard (front side)

Looking at the Front side of the MicroSd card, a authentic Sandisk 32gig always has a brown faded serial label and the manufacturing country is china. One can confirm it by taking a deep look at the MSD closely or shinning a touch lite at the front side of the card.

Source: HERE

Good luck!!!