How To Prevent Being Cheated By Nigerian Petrol Attendants



Fuel attendants are quite notorious for the way they cheat unsuspecting customers out of their hard earned money. The tricks they use range from faulty pumps to fake and adulterated fuel, false hanging of the nozzles and many more. These tricks are readily not noticeable, but ensuring that you follow the following precautionary measures can secure you from their schemes.
  • Always, get off from your car, lock the vehicle and stand close to petrol tank and see the meter readings when buying fuel
  • Check the meter reading after opening the petrol tank or before fueling starts and again at the very end.
  • If you develop doubt over a particular petrol pump, then avoid that particular petrol pump in the future.
  • Always check for zero before they start filling, even if the petrol pump is overcrowded.
  • Reduce conversations with the fuel attendant, and if you must talk to him/her, please do it without taking your eyes off the meter for one second. Also make sure the meter is set at ₦0.00 before the attendants starts to fill up your tank/keg.
  • Do not take your eyes off the meter till the last drop, don't get distracted by counting the money you want to give him/her, wait till he/she is done dispensing the fuel.
  • End the transaction right there, in case the meter is stopped for any reason.
  • Do not hurry and always pay at the end of the transaction.
  • Ask for a printed receipt every time, as far as possible.
  • Always keep a watch on the attendant and on the meter. If you are suspicious about a certain fuel station, step out of your car and ask the attendant to move away from the dispenser while filling. If you still feel that he is cheating stop him from filling your tank and call the manager and lodge your complain.

Good luck!!



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