How To Sleep Your Way To The Top

We have all heard the rumors of how someone slept their way to the top by jumping on every opportunity to advance their careers. But when we start talking about sleeping to get to the top of your industry, we are not talking about sex. We are actually talking about sleep and how a healthy lifestyle is a much more beneficial way to take advantage of opportunities and take your career as far as it can go.

Career Burnout

On the one side of this discussion, we have the idea of career burnout. People work long hours all week, and then use some form of stimulant to start all over again the next week. Investment bankers work incredibly long hours to find the next great start-up company, use cocaine to keep them going, and eventually feel the effects of this kind of lifestyle in very negative ways.

Coffee and caffeine have become the legal versions of cocaine in the professional world, and we have created a coffee culture that relies on caffeine to be able to function. Within this culture is the idea of making the most of opportunities to get ahead of your competition and build your own career.

The price for this kind of lifestyle is that you burnout long before you should and your productivity starts to drop. You cannot establish this kind of routine and expect to maintain this type of abuse to your body for very long. With this kind of career path, your health habits can lead to heart problems, kidney failure, and a variety of issues that will not only halt your career, but could kill you some day.

How You Can Really Sleep Your Way To The Top

In the corporate world, longevity is as highly regarded as any other attribute. People who get plenty of rest, eat healthy, engage in hobbies to help take their mind off of work for a while, and find time for their families can maintain their pace their entire careers. These are the people who focus on good health as a way to beat the competition, and not driving their bodies into the ground.

Maintaining a good balance between work and family time is essential to your emotional health. When you have a family that supports you, then you can feed off that energy and do great things. Taking up a hobby is not only a great way to engage your mind on other topics, but it can also be a way to start conversations with prospective customers.

A focus on emotional, mental, and physical health keeps your blood pressure under control and your mind clear. People who try to use the coffee culture to get to the top become unpredictable and unreliable. But the people who focus on all aspects of good health are able to keep clear minds and make the right decisions that will help them guide their careers to new heights.

Think Of Your Future

If you use drugs and caffeine to work all night and then destroy your personal life to advance your career, how long do you think your career will last? Too many new professionals watch movies where the destructive and driven executive gets on top and stays on top for years. It is one thing to be driven, it is another thing to drive yourself to an early grave just to advance your career.

When you take care of your body with rest, diet and exercise, you are giving yourself a chance at a long and successful career. As you age, the experience you have gathered can become wisdom and you can use that to enhance your professional reputation. If you abuse your mind and body on the way to the top, then you will destroy your professional reputation several times over.

The climb to the top of any profession should be a long, difficult and rewarding journey. But for some people, it is an invitation to be cruel to themselves and others. Instead of resting their body to allow it to perform at its peak, these people use drugs to stay up all night and try to outwork the competition. But corporate success is a marathon, and not a sprint.

The people who sleep their way to the top also watch what they eat, balance their personal and professional lives, exercise daily and take advantage of opportunities to advance their careers. The difference is that when these people get to the top, they are still able to enjoy the spoils of their success. For the people who try to take the fast track to success, there is usually very little time to enjoy it before their habits catch up with them.


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Mary Bola

New Member
I agreed most bankers, other professions work long hours and do no get adequate sleep, using drugs to keep themselves going and so on. Everyone need to understand that this lifestyle shouldn't be continuous one, I think it will be okay if it is just for a while, because of the effects of this kind of lifestyle is not palatable at all. All is well.


Sleeping is not for the lazy ones. Sleeping is for the wise ones. If you don't get enough sleep, you are more likely to die early. Cold, but the truth.
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