Metro Hunters Shoot Vigilante in Error, Robbers Escape

Abayomi Sunday received a head shot and two of his colleagues, Bamidele Olayemi and Dele Sebiobirin received leg and thigh wounds when they were erroneously shot at during the early hours of Monday morning.

It was reported that Robbers were operating along Egbe-Pategi federal road, Lokoja and the Yagba West Local government deployed vigilante groups to eliminate the threat.

The group, consisting of 12 members decided to split into two groups of six preparatory to engaging the robbers.

One group met a victim of robbery on the way and told him to take them to the area the robbers were operating.

The robbers recognized a vehicle they had robbed and took to their heels on sighting the car.

The vigilantes came down and fired at the robbers but their efforts were too late as they all disappeared into the bushes.

As the vigilantes re-strategized to ambush the robbers, another set of six hunters from Okoloke, joining forces with the vigilantes to dislodge the robbers but who claimed ignorance of the deployment of vigilantes from the local government, opened fire on the local government vigilantes who were caught off-guard.

Vice chairman of the Local Government confirmed the incident, saying 5 hunters had been arrested and the sixth suspect is still at large. He also said the hunters claimed to be volunteers who have joined in the onslaught against the robbers but were not members of the official vigilante group recognized by the council authorities.
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