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Politics 'I'm in the PDP to Stay,Nobody Can Make Me Leave' -Mimiko



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Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko has stated that he is in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to stay and cannot be forced out by anybody.

According to DAILY POST, Mimiko made the declaration in response to allegations by the state executive council of the party over sharing of positions and other matters.

Mimiko said, "I have not come to PDP to be part of crisis, I have come to add value, I am not coming into PDP on the eve of a second term election and that is part of what we should consider, as a person I have no ambition, there is no Senate available for me, I have only come to add value.

"I am back in this party, I have made the move and nobody is going to force me out of PDP again, if anybody thinks he will create crisis and I will get angry and leave they are just wasting time, let us come together and build this party, discipline must be maintained.

"My colleagues that have decamped to PDP in the past, they gave them all the structure, all of them, Abia, Bauchi, Zamfara but I said I don’t need all the structure just to give comfort to the people I am bringing on board.

"Out of 27 seats at the state level, I said let me take 14 and they take 13, anybody that say that is not fair enough for a governor that is coming with 25 members out of 26 in the House of Assembly let him or her come out.

"Since we came on board in 2009, we have had eight elections, Labour Party did not lose any of them, that is the value we are bringing and that is why I am saying that the minimum is what we are asking, I was even surprised that people are contesting, I thought they should be excited.

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