World Indian Minister Gives Brides Wooden Bats For Protection Against Abusive Husbands



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As part of measures to curb domestic violence, an Indian state minister, Gopal Bhargava has given hundreds of wooden bats to newly-wed brides.

indian bride.jpg

He urged them to use the paddle as a weapon if their husbands turn alcoholic or abusive; GUARDIAN UK reports. The nearly foot-long paddles are emblazoned with messages that read: “For beating drunkards” and “Police won’t intervene”.

Explaining why he gave the bats to the newly wed brides, Bhargava said: “The idea of gifting a mogri struck me when a woman asked me whether she should get her husband to stop drinking by beating him with this wooden plank.

“Whenever I visit any rural or urban area in my constituency, women complain about their husband’s drinking habit.

“They inform me that whatever little they earn is snatched away by their husband for alcohol and they are also subjected to physical violence.”

The minister is promising to hand out 10,000 bats. The mogri bat is traditionally used to wash clothes.