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Entertainment Ini Edo - Questions, Allegations and Reactions To Another Failed Nollywood Marriage

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Ini Edo, top Nollywood actress and movie producer has thrown in the towel on her marriage but this might not make the headlines anymore - What we consider a bigger news item at the moment are the hordes of allegations that sources have leveled against the actress over her sex life and her decision to quit her marriage by asking her husband, Philip Ehiagwina for a divorce.

We have assembled 15 highly controversial questions/issues surrounding her sex life and reason she quit her marriage, which Ini Edo might never respond to. Ini Edo has been accused of the following:

1. That she knew from day one that her marriage was a contract she intended to use to get her residency in the United States of America

2. That she is a lesbian with strong sexual links with a certain Sharon a.k.a Shamillz (a self made tom boy whom she spends a lot of time with)

3. That the crash of her marriage can be traced to Karma as she wrecked another woman's relationship to get her ex husband

4. That her ex husband's ex, Ruth Okoro placed a curse on her

Let's take the others the way they came in

5. "Ini, I have seen you caressing and sitting on the laps of Desmond Elliot in AY bar behind Excellence hotel. Immediately Desmond Elliot's wife left the venue of the movie shot, you jumped on Desmond. It seemed you were praying for Desmond's wife and kids to leave the scene. I wondered if you were truly married. Remember the event. I don't have to judge you, what you did publicly was bad. And remember, the owners of the AY GARDEN AND HOTEL respectively are your former husband's people. Be cautious in your statement."

6. "Ini swear you are not f..king Mike Godson? Swear you two weren't sharing same room at hotel the Angelos Enugu? Just swear! Shameless whore!"

7. "Who do we ask? Most of you girls are into runs big tym. Besides, how will the marriage last wen both of you are apart from each other?"

8. "I still don't get why are 'celebs will not from the likes of Will Smith, David B who have stayed in marriage. Must every difference lead to divorce? #Godhatesdivorce."

9. "Well, everybody can't be lying against her."

10. "No explanation. This what you'll get when you jump into a marriage for money sake and not love."

11. "...and she was even stammering in the tweets... Lol. Ini, abeg use your hand clean your mouth. Na lie you clean so. You shouldn't have tweeted at all."

12. "Good for phillip. Ini don collect her own USA nationality... the same way Phill collect his own from Ruth Okoro."

13. "I just got the correct gist from a colleague of mine, Philip na proper Isan man... As Ini never born over six years they got married, he asked her to vamoose. As for his first wife, it was an arranged marriage to get US 'kpali.' He got it and moved unto Ini to gain popularity. I even heard he is entering politics very soon. He is loaded with cash."

14. "If you are a married woman with very high libido, you might improbably cheat. Men cheat, women do it better."

15. "Ask her how she quenched konji (intense sexual arousal) all the while she and her ex husband lived apart?

What do you make of the issues raised - Do you find any truth in them?

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For the likes of Ini Edo, there's simply no hiding place and the earlier Nigerian celebrities realise that, the better... Reminds me of the Gold Fish :D:D:D