Metro It is Wrong for Government to Create Grazing Reserves for Fulani Herdsmen- Soyinka



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Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, has stated that it is wrong for the federal government of Nigeria to call for creation of grazing reserves for fulani herdsmen.

According to him, the term “grazing reserve” would convey the meaning that government had carved out some people’s land for herdsmen to use for their commercial enterprise.

“The word ‘reserve’ is the problem. If there are ranches, it doesn’t matter where they are built, ranches are a commercial proposition, it isn’t a Fulani issue. You can create ranches so that cows, goats could be bought there. This shouldn’t be an instrument of politics, race or ethnicity," he said.

“But when you talk about reserves, it suggests that people can bring cattle from Futa Djallon, Senegal, and if they get here, they can get reserve. If it’s a ranch, it’s a pure commercial proposition, you want to trade. I will like to see these cattle people go back to the position they were before in which there was mutual collaboration between them and farmers,” he added.

He spoke during a visit to Punch offices on Lagos-Ibadan expressway.


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