Metro Italy to Build Detention Centers for Faster Deportation of Nigerians, Other Immigrants



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The Italian government has decided to set up a string of detention centers so that it can fast track the deportation of illegal immigrants in its cities.

The new centers will be opened in the next few months. The plans include reopening one for men at Ponte Galeria on the outskirts of Rome where migrants had sewed their mouths shut in protest before it was destroyed by interned migrants in 2015.

Senator Luigi Manconi of the ruling Democratic Party said the new-style detention centres had been phased out previously because officials working there had failed to determine the real identity and nationality of most migrants for deportation.

Italy's Interior Minister Marco Minniti, migrants must be detained to stop them from slipping away before they can be sent home.

Mass migrant arrivals by sea are putting Italy under increasing pressure. The number of illegal migrants to Italy are up almost 40 percent this year after a record 181,000 came in 2016, and more than 175,000 are being housed in shelters for asylum seekers.

Italy recently has been deporting Nigerians and nationals of other nations who arrived on its shores illegally.


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