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    Just a few years ago, buying, for instance, a car was a complicated and time-consuming process. The single research lasted for quite long time, followed by doubts whether you can afford it, whether it is possible to find a better option, or if it is possible to postpone the purchase and spend money for what you really need.

    Today, people have Jiji.


    Jiji.ng is the biggest classifieds website in Nigeria, which was launched in Lagos in 2014. Since then, it keeps winning hearts with ultimate convenience it offers to every user.

    The most valued thing about Jiji is a wide selection of stuff. Here you can find literally anything - from accessories for pets to land plots - and you can buy it all easily in a couple of minutes. The website offers both new and used items, so chances that you are going to find a desired thing are even more increasing.


    Besides the selection, prices on Jiji are a pleasant surprise, too. Possibility to communicate with sellers directly allows to avoid unnecessary chains of communication and extra charges as a result.

    Convenience on Jiji has several aspects. You do not have to deal with shop assistants or bots, which frankly speaking often get annoying. However, that does not mean you will face difficulties while surfing the website. Numerous tags and filters allow to specify the features of an item you are looking for.

    Finally, you can buy everything while sitting on your comfortable sofa or taking a ride to work - user-friendly interface makes it really easy to figure out, while Jiji App allows to keep everything within easy reach.

    With Jiji, you are going to forget about disadvantages related to shopping and start an entirely new chapter in the shopping sphere. Join the community, and you will not regret.


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    It is quite good buying all you need online but sometimes the shipping fee is will make the product costlier than buying from the offline market.
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    Are you sure
  5. okeke nkiru

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    I bought my phone from here
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    i like the app..
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    They are trying
  8. I will see how I can patronize them
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  9. I do hope they are good and reliable ?
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    I hope they are awesome
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    Have never tried jijji but gata try it out this time.
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    Me too
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    I am not yet convinced of their reliability.
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    Product like phone can be dangerous buying from sources like this. It may have serious problem and casing will be changed you get it and suffer it.
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    Please if you v bought from here any product and it's durable you let me know.
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    An m in need of some
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    Best site ever
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    No kidding!