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Politics Jimi Agbaje Betrayed me Same way Judas Betrayed Jesus - Bode George



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Ex PDP Deputy National Chairman, Chief Bode George, has slammed popular politician Jimi Agbaje for contesting the party chairmanship against him.

According to Bode George, Jimi Agbaje should've stepped down for him.

“I am very disappointed but not angry. Vengeance is not mine, it is God’s. I want to quote the book of Ecclesiastics, which says that there is a season for everything. Whatever you sow in your lifetime, you will reap.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ said that one of his disciples would betray him. The disciples started looking round. Judas Iscariot, the traitor, has been around from time immemorial. It’s a shame. That is his (Agbaje’s) choice. I just pray that God would continue to direct this country. God has told us that it is only Him we can trust, not human beings.”

George added, “Agbaje knows what is right. My advice is that he should step down. He should obey his elders. As a Christian, we should have the fear of God. If he insists on contesting, I cannot stop him. Let the decision be made by the delegates at the convention.”

Agbaje however denied the accusation, saying he did not betray Bode George.

“Agbaje never betrayed Chief Bode George. He is not a betrayer. He has all the respect for George but this is beyond true allies; this is beyond Lagos State. He is contesting in the national interest. The party has created a level playing field. Let the best man win," he said.



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Bode George should please leave the stage... I've no issues with Jimi Agbaje but this is not such a good time for him. How many years of political experience does he have to shoulder PDP perennial troubles. Nigerian politics is so messy that it can soil any beautiful career you have.