Politics Jonathan Fingered In Recovered Ikoyi Fund, Ex-NIA Staff Reveals Shocking Details

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    Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has been fingered in the on-going controversial ‘ghost fund’ retrieved, week ago, from an apartment in Ikoyi by the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

    A retired employee of the NIA told the Daily Trust on Thursday that the N15 billion seized by EFCC was part of the monies channelled by ex-president Goodluck Jonathan through the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) for his party’s 2015 campaigns,.

    Ibrahim Ibrahim, who retired from the NIA 2006 as deputy director and worked closely with Oke, said though Jonathan approved the monies to be distributed to PDP chieftains, the embattled Director-General of the agency, Ayo Oke did not do so for unknown reason.


    “A lot of things have happened; a lot of public officers have actually drifted away from the disciplined course and as a result so many things have happened. The NIA is not an exception at all,” Ibrahim said.

    “I think what really happened was that the money was issued to the agency (NIA) just in the same way it was given to the NSAs office.

    “President Jonathan approved $289 million or so in November 2014 in excess of the approved budget of the agency.

    “So, that excess was intended as campaign funds and the agency, the DG NIA in particular, was supposed to disburse the fund but along the way, he found a way of diverting even that one for his own private use,” Ibrahim said.

    EFCC operatives on Thursday last week seized $43.4 million, £27,000 and N23 million from an apartment at Osborne Towers building in Lagos.

    The NIA claimed the money belonged to it and that it was using the apartment as a safe house. This made President Muhammadu Buhari to set up fact finding committee to look into the issue surrounding the cash and placed the NIA DG, Ayo Oke on suspension.


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    When GEJ insisted that he left money for Buhari's govt he was correct but his interviewers failed to ask from him in whose hand was the money kept. Hopefully not in the govt treasury.
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    Thank you! Don't just know why the dude has not been quizzed, rounded up...
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    Fake media news
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    Fake, how?
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    I repeat, fake media news. You will understand later
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    You alleged something is fake but you can't defend your allegation nor explain how you came about it. You can't just label something "fake" because you don't agree with it. That isn't right to be honest.

    This is a public forum and the whole world is looking at you, and will be looking at you.
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    I repeat it is fake you will understand
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    Hero!!!!!! :D
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    The statement is ambiguous...You should be able to clear the air.
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    The funny tin about this country is that we keep chasing our tail with no real success u can't fight corruption when ure clouded with corrupt ppl
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    Even if they did not want to arrest Jonathan they suppose to have called him for justioning now.
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    How much have they recovered already they should let us know
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    What have they done with the recovered money to get us out of recession because I believe Nigeria is not out of recession yet.
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    This kind of politics
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    We keep hearing allegation leveled against GEJ why nt follow due process