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Kaduna University Withdraws Termination Threat Against Lecturer Who Criticized State Governor



Officials of Kaduna State University have retreated from moves to sack a lecturer, John Danfulani, after he criticized the state’s governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero.

According to Sahara Reporters, administrators of the university were enraged by the lecturer’s biting commentaries on the policies and politics of the state government.

Mr. Danfulani, in a statement said, “I am in receipt of the withdrawal letter dated 14th August, 2014 from the Registrar which read thus: ‘I write to withdraw the letter addressed to you dated 20th June, 2014 on the above subject matter which was written due to the seeming communication gap that existed as at the time of the letter.’”

“My lawyers are studying [the] contents of their 20th June and 14th August 2014 letters. Their counsel will inform continuation or otherwise of my case before [the] Industrial Court of Arbitration in Abuja. Whichever decision [is] reached, the public will be told. The letter hinged on the allegation that I am denigrating the person of Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, Executive Governor of Kaduna State, who is also a Visitor to the university being chief executive of the state.

“The withdrawal of the earlier letter was as a result of the suit I initiated against the university before [the] National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN) in suit No. NICN/KD/19/2014 on 4th August, 2014.

“I dragged the university to the court seeking determination as to whether my status as a university lecturer barred me from commenting on issues related to peace and development of both Kaduna State and Nigeria at large. And if it also contravened Sections 36, and 39 of [the] 1999 constitution of [the] Federal Republic of Nigeria and Section 20:4 of the law establishing the university, while I am also seeking perpetual injunction restraining the university from further acts of harassment, intimidation and unjustifiable actions against my person.”

He concluded: “I also wish to make it clear that my being critical of [the] government at state and federal levels are for common good and part of weaving genuine democracy. My records are there in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where my activism climaxed with my election as President of Students’ Union Government in 1992. Since the inception of Students’ Union Government in Ahmadu Bello University in 1964 after its establishment in 1962, I was the 15th elected President of the SUG and the first Kaduna State indigene to be elected. The second student to attain such a feat was the late Abubakar Hayatu, 14 years after I left the institution.

“No amount of blackmail and intimidation can deter me; I am not guided by religious and ethnic bigotries instead by a sense of justice, equity and freedom. My students, colleagues and contemporaries cutting across our diversities are my witnesses and source of strength. For those hell-bent in victimizing me, I leave them to Almighty God and posterity but they should learn from history that evil never triumph forever. Our demand for better Nigeria and Kaduna State is uncompromised; our demand for change and better system for all to pursue their dreams in life is unstoppable. If they think they have their day, the oppressed too will have their own sooner or later.

“I am grateful to the media and the lawyers without whom, I would have been a helpless victim and the civil society that stood firm by my side. Aluta continua.”


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