Politics Kogi: Groups Accuse Faleke of Plotting Violence



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Kogi United for Justice said it has uncovered plan by APC’s James Faleke and his supporters to throw Kogi State into chaos ahead of the January 27, 2016 swearing-in ceremony in the state, DailyPost reports..

In a statement yesterday, the group alleged that huge sums of money had been earmarked for chaos.

“In as much as we have chosen the path of reconciliation and constructive engagement at appeasing aggrieved parties, we cannot afford to keep mum in the face of planned political terrorism against our dear state,” it said.


To cover-up their nefarious plan, they have also designed some self-attack against some leaders in their group, who would then turn round to accuse the people’s Governor-Elect for the attack.

“We hereby urge Faleke to abide by the decision of the party and not set his political home ablaze. We urge Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello to be prepared to hit the ground running and bridge the ethnic, socio-political cum economic gap in the state”.

Similarly, the Kogi State Coalition of All Progressives Congress support groups in the last governorship election in the state, has made the same claim.

Chairman of the coalition, Comrade Ojene Aliyu alleged that Hon Faleke’s supporters were planning to incite some ethnic groups within the party to frustrate the incoming government of Alh Yahaya Bello

“Faleke is working against the party, all in a desperate bid to rule the state at all cost,” he said.