Politics Kwankwaso Reacts to Police Raid on Brother's House- I'm Shocked and Disappointed in APC



Ex Kano state governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has condemned the raid on his brother's house by the Nigeria police.

Speaking with the BBC Hausa Service, he said the matter shocked him and that the APC, which he worked hard to put in power is humiliating him and his family members.

“We woke up with a distressing situation that some people besieged the house of my brother in Kano for hours; on the allegation that cash and weapons were ferried to the building.

“They bundled the guardsman, threatening him to show them the vehicles and other valuables that were allegedly concealed in a garage within the house.

“The guardsman told them only rabbits were kept there but they forced their way in and that was it, only the rabbits were seen joyfully feasting on spinach.

“Not satisfied, the police ransacked everywhere, including the vehicles in the compound but could not trace anything incriminating. This is very sad and a serious setback for our democracy,” Kwankwaso said.

“We’re very disappointed that impunity is now the order of the day in a country we invested a lot to bring change; this is not the change we bargained for because we’re now in a helpless situation.

“If it were the previous government that’s doing this, we would not complain. Alas! this is being orchestrated by a government we worked to entrench.

“I’m one person that never allowed my immediate or extended family to be part of government while I was a governor; my brother is a retired teacher but look at what they did to him,” Kwankwaso said.

When quizzed if he regretted joining the APC, he said, “I would say my mind at the appropriate time but government must be mindful of its actions.”


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