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Politics Kwankwaso Threatens To Hold Presidential Declaration On The Streets Of Abuja



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Kano state Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso has threatened to do his presidential declaration on the streets of Abuja if the Federal government kept denying him use of choice venues.

According to THIS DAY, Kwankwaso has accused the federal government of deliberately blocking him from using public places to declare his presidential aspiration in Abuja, describing the act as irritating and undemocratic.

"The Eagle Square, the proposed venue, seems to be impossible. Even the International Conference Centre, as we are now struggling for an alternative venue for the declaration, (may not be possible too.) So, if I fail to secure a venue, I will invite you all to the streets of Abuja; that is where we are now, and we can hold it there", Kwankwaso threatened.

Kwankwaso vowed that his declaration must take place on October 28.