Metro [LIST] 4 Facts About Bristow Helicopter Which 'Crashed' in Lagos Today



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A Bristow helicopter on Wednesday reportedly disappeared from radar after it took off from the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja. It was suspected to have crashed landed into the lagoon.

bristow helicopter.jpg

Here are four facts about the crash:

  • The crashed S76 helicopter 5N-BQJ was involved in a water landing near Lagos at about 10.25 a.m. local time on return from an offshore platform.
  • It departed Exxonmobil operated ERHA Platform to Lagos and was ditched into the ocean at 95 nautical miles
  • It was the "sister chopper" that located the one that crashed into the lagoon last August
  • All 11 passengers, a cabin crew member and the pilot of the Bristow chopper survived and have been rescued

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