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Metro Make Abducted Chibok Girls Sacrificial Lambs but Stop Boko Haram- Parents



Tsambido Hosea, chairman of Chibok Local government area of Borno state said the parents of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls were seeking a logical end to their trauma either by burial or reunion.

PREMIUM TIMES reported that Hosea said, "The parents say they don’t care about their life but let them go in. If they can take care of this Boko Haram, so that they will not spread to other places. So that they cannot continue with their menace. Let the girls be sacrificial lambs. That’s what they told me yesterday.

"I phoned them, that I know that I am going to face some interviews today.

"If the federal government has that capacity, let them go into the Sambisa. If there are some that God said will be rescued, it can be rescued by the force. And if some has gone, its okay, than all this troubles, than all this trauma the parents are going through now. They cannot do anything. But had it been they buried them, they would have forged ahead with their lives.

"They are saying let the government go into the forest. Even the corpse, let them bring the corpse of the children so that they will bury them properly. What they are saying is that these girls in the bush, it is better for the government, to go in with the force, with the army might to bring them even the corpse for them, so that they can bury them properly".

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