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World Man Kills Friend For Poking Girlfriend On Facebook


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A man has received a 4-year jail sentence after killing his friend for 'poking' his girlfriend on Facebook.

According to UK's Mirror, Scott Humphrey punched his buddy repeatedly in a cab on the way home from a stag do.

He kept punching Mr Rovet while asking "if you're such a good friend, why did you poke my missus?"

'Pokes' on Facebook are often seen as subtle ways of flirting.

As Mirror reports it:

Prosecutor Gareth Gimson told the hearing the argument came to a head as the taxi stopped in Top Valley, Nottingham.

He said Humphrey struck 29-year-old Mr Rovetto, causing him to bleed from the nose - then delivered the fatal blow, knocking his friend to floor and causing him to bang his head on the pavement.

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Source: #Mirror