Mark Zuckerberg: 5 Reasons Facebook CEO's Visit is Important to Nigeria

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is in Nigeria. The media has been awash with news of his visit, questions have been raised on what his visit means to Nigeria.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why Zuckerberg's visit is important to Nigeria

1. It validates the tech industry in Nigeria

For several years now, Nigeria and Kenya have been competing on which country is Africa's tech capital. Zuckerberg's visit to Nigeria validates the importance of Nigeria's tech industry and its leading position in Africa.

2. It sends out a strong message that investing in Nigeria is a good idea

The Nigerian economy has come under attack from international media with some clearly stating that investing in Nigeria is a bad idea. Zuckerberg recently invested $24 Million in Nigeria start-up Andela, he's also considering investing in several other Nigerian businesses.

3. If Zuckerberg could walk the streets the streets of Lagos, then the country is not so insecure

Did you see a picture of Zuckerberg strolling the streets of Yaba, Lagos with any visible armed guards? - the world is talking about that image. People now know that Boko haram does not run every part of Nigeria and neither do criminals. If one of the richest men in the world can stroll the streets of Lagos, why should there be travel advisories against visiting Nigeria?

4. Our Politicians are not the future

Zuckerberg came into the country without the usual fanfare that accompanies government visitors because he is not a visitor of the Nigerian government. His visit was totally planned and pulled off by private individuals who simply want to see better investment in Nigeria. Nigerians may finally entrepreneur themselves out of poverty.

5. Nigeria is still the giant of Africa

Barack Obama may have snubbed Nigeria, but Mark Zuckerberg didn't. His visit reiterates that Nigeria is still Africa's number 1 investment hub and by extension the Giant of Africa.


Zuckerberg's visit to Nigeria is a good thing. We're hoping other tech entrepreneurs also consider hopping on the next plane to Nigeria.
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