Entertainment Mbong Amata Shares How She Cured Her Acne, Pimples & the Trauma

Nollywood actress, Mbong Amata has revealed how she overcame and cured her acne (pimples) as well as the trauma she endured and the expensive treatments she had earlier tried.

It started with a work out selfie shared by Nollywood actress, Mbong Amata on her Instagram, followed by compliments. With requests for her secret to a smooth flawless skin also coming in, the young mother of one decided to share the story behind how she beat acne.

I remember watching Forgetting June which had featured Mbong Amata on IrokoTV and how some of the reviews on the site ignored the movie and focused on her terrible acne at the time. It's humble of her to open up on what must have really been a difficult time for her. Hopefully, others will benefit too.

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Source: Romance Meets Life

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