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Entertainment Meet Genevieve Nnaji's Most Obsessive Nigerian Female Fan

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Genevieve Nnaji, Nigeria's star actress known for her high profile endorsement deals has a large following of Nigerians fans who admire her a great deal but we recently stumbled on a female fan of the actress, Olomu Adesewa, a Nigerian model and former Miss Continental beauty pageant contestant and some of the things we discovered about her were as intriguing as they were astonishing.

For instance, out of her 66 human photos on her Instagram page, Genevieve Nnaji's photos appear 43 times. In addition her comments about Genevieve and her desire to meet her dance around the edge of what many would call an obsession. "I am way too obsessed with Genevieve Nnaji," she once said.

Interestingly, Adesewa reeled out 20 facts about herself (which she personally wrote) and shared on Instagram. Read 20 things about Adesewa below:

"20 facts about me? Here we:"
1. My name is Adesewa Olomu
2. I won't ever bleach for anything
3. I've done things i regret doing
4. I love my eyes and height
5. I am a crazy freak of Genevieve Nnaji, I am way too obsessed with her
6. I am a football lover and a die hard arsenal lover
7. I Love Davido so so much
8. I don't know how to apply makeup
9. I am too emotional
10.I love Cute and good-looking guys so so much
11. I love and admire girls with big ass
12. I love talking and also very very shy
13. I hate school, wish i could drop out
14. I am a coke and a Ribena addict
15. I would kill for my mother
16. I could be so annoying
17. In would kiss and make out with Genevieve Nnaji if I'm given the opportunity. Yes, i love her that much.
18. I love my ass but i still need more
19. I love drinking garri
20. I am far from being romantic

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