Business Micro entrepreneurs call for govt support

The micro entrepreneurs, under the auspices of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, have lamented the neglect of the sector in the area of funding and machinery. The Association has called on the government to create an enabling environment to boost production and to include small business people in the economic team of the country.

“In Lagos alone, we have over 300 manufacturers, but we are handicapped in the area of machinery and fund. We cannot do business without fund and we are meant to industrialise Nigeria,” President of the association, Prince Saviour Iche said, lamenting the increased level of unemployment in the country.

According to him, “the fund meant for micro entrepreneurs are given to multinationals, resulting in neglect of the sector. The condition we found ourselves is not conducive enough as local manufacturers who should have rescued Nigeria.

“The importance of micro entrepreneurs is not recognised in this country and that is why you see unemployment on the increase on daily basis. Fresh graduates are churned out of the universities yearly; hoping to secure jobs but the system has not given them the enabling environment. We are witnessing high rate of crime because of unemployment. If these criminals have a job, I believe they will do something and crime will reduce.”

He urged the government to nurture small business owners because of its contribution in the alleviation of unemployment.

However, he challenged the Bank of Industry, saying, “They recapitalize the bank of industry, where are the money they were given initially? They should be investigated to know who is collecting this money. Billions and millions are given to some states, when they have not finished the one’s they have, they deprive we who are suppose to be funded the right to this fund,” he cried.
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