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Business MMM Nigeria: Top Guilder, Chuddy Denies Being An Administrator



Top MMM guider, Chuddy has dissociated himself from the controversies trailing the alleged crash of the Ponzi scheme.

He also denied being an administrator of the MMM as widely circulated.

As Nigerians continue to live in panic over the recent development, Chuddy took to his Facebook page to deny widespread report that he is an admin on the MMM Nigeria site.

He wrote: “Goodday great mavrodians.


“This week has not been easy for all of us due to the news update on our POs.

“MMM founder is a Russian, Sergey Mavrodi, not a Philippines. I have never been to Philippines, the stories about going to the Philippines are untrue. I stand for the true ideology of MMM which is anchored on providing and getting help willingly.

“Also let’s note that contrary to what has been published by cheap bloggers, I am not the Admin of MMM but one of the top guiders of this great community and none of us has access to the site, I woke up on Tuesday and saw the News on my PO like every other person.

“The MMM website is been managed in Russia by their control and supervisory team. They are responsible for every decision made, like pairing of participants to provide help and get help, resolving issues on the platform etc.

“As we all know, the media has been a tool used by anti-MMMites and pessimists to fight against the growth of MMM Nigeria.

“Unfortunately some ignorant Nigerians who don’t understand what MMM is all about have been brainwashed by the information broadcast by the media and social networks.


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