Sports Mourinho Taunts Arsenal Fans: I Am Happy You Can Celebrate Beating Me



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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho on Sunday evening said he was happy Arsenal fans can celebrate a victory over him.

His comments came after Arsenal defeated Manchester United in the Premier League by two goals to nil. It was Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger's first win against Mourinho in 16 competitive games.

"I left Highbury and they were crying, I left Emirates and they were crying," Mourinho said of past games at Arsenal.

"Finally today they sing, they swing the scarves. It's nice for them."

He added: "It is the first time I leave and they are happy. Before they were walking the streets with their heads low.

"The Arsenal fans are happy and I am happy for them."

Jose Mourinho added:

"To have that record of winning so many matches is not normal. Normal is win, lose, draw," Mourinho said.

"Do you think I enjoy the fact a big club like Arsenal is not winning trophies? I am not enjoying that. It's a big club.

"Wenger is not a small manager. He is a big manager. So it's not normal and I really don't care about it."


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