Metro Mrs. Rebecca Samuel's Daughter Is Back



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Mrs. Rebecca Samuel, mother of one of the Chibok girls who cried when she spoke on behalf of other parents in Abuja during the inaugural lecture marking the third anniversary of the abduction last Month, is now rejoicing as her daughter is part of the newly freed abducted schoolgirls.

Recall that three years after the abduction of their daughters, parents of Chibok girls called on the Federal Government and the international community to rescue the girls, saying the seeming delay at rescuing the girls was due to their poor status.

Mrs. Samuel who spoke in Hausa, had said each time she watched television, she was always looking forward to seeing her daughter, adding that she would have preferred her daughter dead than being in captivity.


She said; “Three years is not three minutes. It is not three weeks. It is not three months. Each time I watch the television, I am always hopeful that I will see my daughter. I would have preferred that my daughter died and I buried her rather than for her to be in the wilderness for three years.

“What do they eat? What do they wear? How do they sleep? Is it because we are poor? Is poverty a crime? The government of Nigeria should please help us. Members of the international community should help us.”

On Monday, Bukky Shonibare, a member of the Bring Back Our Girls group rejoiced with Mrs. Rebecca as her daughter, Luguwwa Samuel, was among the 82 freed girls.

“Remember her? Rebecca Samuel Her daughter is back! No. 47! I can't hold back tears. That we won't watch her grief in agony again! Ah! God!”