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Metro Mutiny: Former Nigerian Soldier Begs For Life of Soldier-Son Sentenced to Death



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Pa Stephen Onyelofa, a 65-year old ex-Nigerian soldier who served in the army for 37 years is appealing to the military and federal government to save his son, Lance Corporal Stephen Clement, 30, who is one of the 12 soldiers recently sentenced to death for mutiny, by a military tribunal. WEEKLY TRUST has this story.

Lance Corporal Stephen Clement, 30, is one of the 12 soldiers recently sentenced to death for mutiny, by a military tribunal. But for his family, (an ailing 65-year-old father who served in the Nigerian Army for 37 years, a sick mother and two sisters, one blind and the other deformed), sending their bread-winner to a firing squad means death for all of them. Weekly Trust visited the family.

Pa Stephen Onyelofa is a very ill old man. The ex-soldier is seemingly still hanging on to life by a thread, waiting until the life support that has kept him alive all these years is finally cut by the Nigerian Army, which is awaiting the decision of an appeal court to go ahead. The life support keeping the retired Corporal alive is not a hospital machine or the latest experimental drugs – he is too poor to afford any such treatments. His life support is his son, Lance Corporal Clement Onyelofo, who buys his medications and who has been sentenced to die, with eleven other soldiers for mutinying against their GOC in Maiduguri on May 14 this year.

The ex-soldier describes his son not only as the light of his life, but the light of the whole family, including his aged mother and four other siblings, one of whom is blind, while another is paralyzed. As he looks vacantly into space, the old Corporal laments bitterly that this would be the second time.

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SOURCE: #WeeklyTrust


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