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My Ideal Woman Wants To Be A Man


I'm a 35 year old, well-off professional single guy. I have not had the time for serious relationships as I have focused mainly on my business and the drive to escape poverty to provide for my immediate family. As you would expect, this decision affected my love.


I was introduced to online dating by a close friend who admitted that he met his wife on social media. He encouraged me to give it a go and I signed up for a dating site. It was an easy step for me, as I could take my time to assess what I really wanted without any immediate pressure. I signed up to a dating website and in no time, was matched up with several profiles. From all the profiles I received, I was immediately taken by that of Kate.

Kate's profile on the dating website was all I wanted in a woman. I sent her a friendship request and she accepted. We hit it off immediately and that began our online relationship or should I say love life. We chatted almost every day. Nothing was hidden from each other and I sincerely felt I had fallen in love.

Three months later, I decided it was time we met. When I informed Kate, she was initially not ready for that step, and I thought that a bit strange considering we have been getting on so well and talking about a future together. I was madly in love and thought she felt the same, so I was lost at this initial rebuff.

After many pleas, she finally agreed to my request. I was prepared for love, dressed to impress and I chose a classy restaurant and planned my non-virtual version of my perfect date. First impressions count they say, so I arrived early to get the best view of my date making a dramatic entrance into the restaurant. After about an hour of waiting, I got a call that my wait was almost over. When she walked in, I had to pinch myself to make sure this was actually happening and was not a dream. The date went extremely well; we had a lot in common and my experimentation with online dating was vindicated.

A few months later, Kate called and said she will be leaving the country, but needed to see me first to explain. When she arrived, she looked a bit down. The glow she had on that first date had eclipsed by some sort of worry. What she said next sent me into a spin. Kate informed me, in her softest voice, of her plans to transition to become a man. She no longer wished to live life as a woman and would be leaving the country to have the necessary operations and treatments. She told me she had always felt like a boy from an early age and now she has the opportunity to see this through. Meeting me had halted her plans for a few months, but she could not keep it from me any longer.

Everything I heard on that day sent me into an emotional whirlwind between rage and fear.

I had fallen in love with Kate, but her decision has thrown me off balance. Nothing in my life or upbringing had prepared me for this. I walked away slowly from the table, weighed down by the news I had just received and confused by the few months we shared.

How do I fall out of love with the perfect woman? In my society, her new life can never be part of mine.

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Run away as fast as possible. She has chosen a new path which definitely does not include me. If she decided to continue living as a woman, both of us could have faced her challenges together


How do I fall out of love with the perfect woman? In my society, her new life can never be part of mine.
Time time time...... in due time you will, b around good friends and family, listen to good uplifting music, get a new hobby - maybe learn a new language etc
Omg,truth is she has made her decision already and from the look of things this is something she always wanted to do and i can also say that maybe there's nothing you can say that can actually stop her from executing her plans...
Let her go,she isnt yours..If she felt the same thing you felt for her she would have halted her plans.. The best is yet to come never lose hope


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Just let her go and with time you will get someone else who will love you and be willing to do anything so as to be with you. The lady isnt meant for you.