NB Weekly 11: Broken Halo: The Fall Of Nigerian Pastors

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    Psalm 105:15 - '’Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm’' is now the most popular Bible verse in Nigeria as Men of God struggle to hide the many failings of their human flesh. There is work to be done to fix the carefully social image of the many Nigerian churches and their leaders.

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  2. Samguine

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    The major problems people have with the Scriptures is taking it out of context. The bible initially was not written with verses and chapters but like a story book. So you cannot just take off a verse and say it means something. You have to understand what is before and what is after.

    That particular verse was not talking about pastors or whatnot. The whole chapter was talking about the experiences, sufferings, struggles and ultimate redemption of the people of Israel from Egypt.

    Pastors and MoG's (men of God) are humans and susceptible to mistakes. Only Jesus is perfect. We are advised as brethren to call to order any one that has missed the way. [James 5:19-20, 1st Tim 5:20]

    Peter was the leader of the new testament church, but he was repeatedly criticized
    1. When he ate with unbelievers and he was criticized, he didn't quote Psalms 105. Rather, he explained what happened. Acts 11:3-

    2. When he paid eyeservice to the Jews before the Gentiles, Paul called him face to face, criticized in in the presence of everyone. Gal 2:11-14. Did Peter quote Psalms? No

    MoG's should know that when we spot put their errors, they should accept and make amends. Those judging too should do so in love, not to rub it on their faces.
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  3. Amyswitzz

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    Seriously, i dont even know what to believe again. To think that people who are being referred to as men of God would fall into such scandals. Only God knows the truth. These things might be true, but on the other hand, might be a set-up. I just pray for God's intervention. The truth will eventually be brought to light.
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    Fam, na so you carry preach your own sermon for here o. For those shouting ,''Stone them'' - All have sinned and fallen short of His glory
  5. Samguine

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    Lol. The thing dey vex me no be small. Pastors with 70 shoulder pads...so proud they've turned the devil to learner. Members being self-righteous and full of hypocrisy.

    Lemme just quote 2Baba Idibia

  6. Our pastors. Hmm. One big question that should be asked the men of God in whatever religion or denomination is, HOW REAL IS THIS GOD TO YOU? Is God to be taken as a mental doll or idea created to be manipulated by man, or is he a REAL authority that speaks and acts? Do these pastors even commune with this God? Do they take instructions or corrections from him regularly? Here lies the clear proof of servanthood unto a great law-giver that has been badly misunderstood by man: continuous divine instruction and guidance by that same God. At that point when Adam and his wife were reported to have disobeyed their creator and began hiding away, in spite of 'daily visitations' from heaven, he fell out of grace and was cast out of the 'heaven's experience'. I remember king David of the Psalms saying '.... No iniquity or corruption can stand before him' in one particular psalm. From my own personal experience, I know the reality of God transcends all the games of men. God is too real to be insulted by anybody, or his rules transgressed by anyone for fun. The consequences of insulting the integrity of God is too huge to ignore: check out David and Bathseba, the two Sauls (Old & New testament), Eli the priest's sons, several cases of abusive and subsequently fallen kings in the Old testament, Herod of the New testament, and a good number of both laymen and prophets who fell on the double-edged sword of God's judgment throughout the biblical scriptures because of spiritual disobedience or wrongdoing. Please remind the pastors that GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. Why would the great law-giver who is reputed to have been in existence long before life ever came into being, bow to the whims and caprices of his own created just because some of them claim to be 'men of God'? Who says they have immunity from divine punishment or instructions for that matter? They will have to answer to that God unfailingly. They must pass every divine test placed before them, just as the common person of the street will face his or her own. A pastor is a spiritual student of higher calling, a Shepherd taking instructions daily from heaven. And I know God KNOWS every soul that is truly serving him. Otherwise, they are not worthy of that sacred calling. The consequences of covering up their abuses, I repeat, is mighty and terrible.
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  7. Gloria

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    God will help us all
  8. most Nigerian tends to respect/worship pastor more than our God.
    that don't just happened overnight, it was due to the mode of preaching some pastor preaches just to instill honour And vain glory for themselves instead to God
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  9. most Nigerian tends to respect/worship pastor more than our God.
    that don't just happened overnight, it was due to the mode of preaching some pastor preaches just to instill honour And vain glory for themselves instead to God
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  10. kayode ajayi

    kayode ajayi KayJay

    "Those purists who aim to be higher than the angels often end up lower than the beasts", David Brook.
    When it come to financial and Corporate Governance the Financial Reporting Council is to take care of it.
    But when it come to morality questions there is the governing council within the churches - any deviation from the norm or the church's doctrines.
    The congregants should use the appropriate channels to report any noticed infractions. And not any how because there shouldn't be confusions in the house of God.
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