NB Weekly 14: Nigerian 'Macron': Why We Can't For Now

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    Nigeria, like several other African countries is governed by an ageing elite. These ageing elites comprise of recycled leaders who refuse to vacate the political scene for emerging younger leaders.

    This week, we look at the barriers to entry for Nigeria's young leaders and also review the mistakes of the past.

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    Nice one
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    Yay! Finally.
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    Hmmm... Why we can't for now?
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    When you read the article, you will see reasons and you can share your thoughts too.
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  8. Downloaded, Hope to win this time pls
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    and we hope you read it :)
  10. yes of course
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    I hope I win this time around
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    I agreed with the quote of Chinua Achebe "Nigeria is what it is because its leaders are not what they should be" .
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