Niger Delta: Amaechi Blasts Jonathan Over Underdevelopment (2017)

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    In an interview with Channels TV's Modele Sarafa Yusuf, former Governor of Rivers State and current Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi spoke extensively about the problems with Nigeria. In this clip, he attacks former President Goodluck Jonathan for doing nothing for the Niger Delta when he had the chance.

    Although he appeared unsure about the way forward, he believes dialogue with the current administration will be the best way to address the unfairness dished out to the region over the years.



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    GEJ suffered from an extreme case of minority complex and wanted to cement himself with the powers that be and not be seen to favour his own. In the same vein, like many Nigeria leaders, he wanted to conceal his alleged misdemeanors from his fellow Niger Deltans. The prize for him was to be seen as a national political power broker rather than as a regional power. To do this, we mistakenly believed the north held all the cards and he worked to that agenda until it was clear he was not seen as an equal and will be turfed out. Then he moved to get support from the South West with a rushed visit to all the Obas. Like the true prodigal son, he ignored everything to do with the Niger Delta and the south East.

    So at the end of the day, the perception in all regions of Southern Nigeria is that he did nothing. In the north, if a fair assessment is made, he has probably done more than most other Nigerian presidents. His one major mistake being the Boko Haram issue. I believe there again he listened to people he believed were regional power brokers who failed him and Nigeria.
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    Amaechi just keep quiet and face corruption charges against you
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    Corruption speaking