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Niger Government don't care about the welfare of it people by none payment of Salary of the Teachers

Discussion in 'Member's Hub' started by kalaam, Sep 8, 2016. Views count: 472

  1. kalaam

    kalaam Member

    Today There was a Mass protest Tuesday 20th December 2016 time 7:00am it started today morning In Minna Metropolis Capital of Niger state due to epileptic power supply in the state for the past one year niger state is known to be the power state which largely contribute Electricity to the whole country but now is suffering with power supply due epileptic supply.

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  2. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    Can't the teachers protest? Or even go on strike because those are what the government understands
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  3. kalaam

    kalaam Member

    There leaders above are corrupt they don't want to agree for any protest
  4. kalaam

    kalaam Member

    Rather we just want the news to keep following until it reaches to the appropriate authority