Business Nigeria: 5 States to Build Solar Power Grids [See List]



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Five Nigerian states are to build solar-powered mini-grids in a bid to help the Federal Government’s resolve to improve electricity generation and supply.

The states are:
  • Kaduna
  • Imo
  • Rivers
  • Delta
  • Ogun,

They will be partnering with GreenElec, a France-based solar energy solution provider for the project.

According to GreenElec’s President, Marvel Hochet, the use of solar-powered mini grids, would help in increasing access to electricity in Nigeria, as well as boost the energy mix initiative introduced by the Federal Government.

He said pilot studies on the use of solar power on major highways, bridges, and streets have been conducted in Imo, Delta, Rivers and Ogun States.

He added that efforts are ongoing to provide solar-powered mini-grids in many communities in the states, which will enable them use solar power for growth.


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