Metro Nigeria Based Company, Solalina, Partners Canterbury Church, UK To Demystify Business Dealings

A business acumen, Moses Oruaze Dickson Jnr. is creating a tomorrow for Nigeria and Africa at large.

Every generation has its leaders. For Generation Y in Nigeria and Africa at large, Dickson Jnr is one of such leaders. He is fast becoming one of the avant-garde business leaders of the time from the southern part of Nigeria. He is committed to wealth creation through innovation and is constantly conquering new frontiers.

Africa and its teeming partners all over the globe are about to be launched into a new era of prosperity with the ‘International Trade Agreements and Economic Development in Africa’ spearheaded by him through one of his companies, Solalina Investment Group.

Solalina Group (a Nigeria based conglomerate), together with the prestigious Canterbury Christ Church University UK, has embarked on a research project on International trade agreements and economic development in Africa.

The project is set to demystify business dealings in Africa.

Solalina Group, an industry leader was chosen to anchor this research because of its track record of innovative solutions anchored on creativity in the investment landscape.

It is hoped that a compendium of bilateral trade policies for all countries on the African continent will be made available at the end of the research. The compendium will make Africa more accessible than ever before.

For decades, poor knowledge of policies and trade agreements has hindered intra-Africa trade. During an analysis of trade volumes on different continents, WEF found that Africa had the lowest level of intra-regional trade, at just 18%. Mose Oruaze Dickson and his team are set to change that. Their research which will cover intra Africa trade rules, policies and even case studies that will increase the ease of doing business in Africa.

The research project ‘International Investments Agreement and Economic Development in Africa’ will also guide African businesses on how to access development funds needed to develop the continent.

Africa to the world trade will also be improved. The research hopes to help Africa make the shift from consumer continent to production giant. Businesses and Nations will be guided on how to avoid the many pitfalls of International trade and navigate the world of bilateral agreements.
Moses Oruaze Dickson Jnr strongly believes that the greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to have the ability to create the world around us, so that it matches the dreams in our mind.

He is committed to the eradication of poverty and empowerment of stakeholders and together with the prestigious Canterbury Christ Church University UK, hopes to create a better and more prosperous Africa.

A continent laden with ‘trade not aid,’ – is Dickson Jnr’s vision for Africa.