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  1. From one era to another, a group of people have continued to maintain a vicious grip on our national resources, pretending to be patriots and do-gooders. They are at it again, they want Nigeria to sell its national assets, and very soon they will be putting our nation up for sale. Who wants to buy a broke nation?

    The Mafia rules every society, a small clique of individuals pursuing their narrow, selfish interests for the benefit of the Mafiosi, it is a fact that the Mafia are everywhere, in every sector and are as diverse as the environment they operate; the bigger the sector it operates, the bigger the mafia; the more powerful it becomes, the more vicious, the more selfish and more individualistic its character reveals.

    It should be noted that no Mafia operates in the interest of the generality of the people. The rule of the Mafia is antithetical to the society where it operates. The Mafia is a brotherhood; the brotherhood of greed and selfishness. The more money you have, the more influential and respected you become in the Mafiosi.

    There are two types of Mafia in Nigeria, the political Mafia who calls the shots in every strata of governance and decide who gets what and when and who becomes president, Governor or Minister.

    The other class of Mafia is what I call the ECONOMIC MAFIA, they are the guys in starched Babaringa and designer suits, with billions of Naira in investment portfolios crisscrossing the corridors of power, dolling out cash donations at campaign fundraising dinners.

    The ECONOMIC MAFIA rules the political mafia, they put them in power and are paid back through political patronages and award of contracts.

    In Nigeria, what could be used to provide infrastructural development for the citizenry is scrambled and partitioned between the POLITICAL MAFIA AND THE ECONOMIC MAFIA, and that best explains why Nigeria is a society of deprived, dispossessed and disgruntled citizens.

    The problem with Nigeria is not that we can’t have a prosperous nation providing the best service for its citizenry; but ours is a nation with few greedy individuals who grew so powerful that they are not contended with the millions of dollars and Naira they have in investment and bank balances.

    In the 21stcentury when other countries are concerned by technological conquest, ours is a country of narrow minded leaders that all we debate and argue over is BUDGET PADDING, CORRUPTION and DECAYED INFRASTRUCTURES. It is pathetical, sympathetic and suicidal.

    I am eagerly waiting for the day our nation will be put up for sale by the political Mafia with the support of the Economic Mafia. The prospective buyers should understand that whoever buys Nigeria is digging his own grave because the liabilities to be taken over include internal and external debts amounting to trillions of Naira, a passive economy, with a manufacturing sector in limbo, a disgruntled citizenry who now sees corruption as a privilege and not a sacrilege. A youth that is focused on making quick money, not creativity, and a workforce who are used to exploitation by the two classes of MAFIAS.
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    This is the truth and it's pathetic
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    Interesting piece