Metro Nigeria Police Efficiency: Why We've Been Getting it Wrong- Ekweremadu

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    Nigeria's Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has advocated for the creation of state police forces in the country.

    According to him, each state has different security challenges and will require different kinds of policing.

    Fears that state government could hijack the force in their states, will be eradicated once a commission is created to over see the state police just like the NJC over sees the judiciary, he said.

    Here are his words:

    “We cannot decentralise the police now because some people are still opposed to it but i think it is beginning to make sense that you cannot be able to deal with our security situation in Nigeria except we change our security architecture.

    “There is no place in this world where there is a federal system, has a unitary tyoe of policing which we have now and that is why we will continue to get it wrong in solving our security problems.

    “It is not going to work until we change the architecture of our policing: a federal state as big as Nigeria must have to adopt a decentralised police.

    “This means that in Sokoto they will create their kind of Police, in Kano they will create their own: the kind of Police that will work in Kano may not necessarily work in Enugu.

    “But we need to first take Nigerians to the level where they will understand this.

    “He said that the fear of abuse by state government can be dealth with by creating a commission that can monitor the police like the NJC monitors the judiciary.” he said.

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    This is nice. Then road blocks to collect money from motorists will be abolished.