Metro Nigeria: Salary Structure of Mega Church Pastors



An investigation carried out by PUNCH Newspaper has revealed the salary structure Nigeria’s mega rich churches pay their pastors.

The findings by SUNDAY ABORISADE revealed that many of the country’s prosperity-preaching, super-rich mega churches pay their pastors poor wages.

The newspaper’s findings revealed that a substantial majority of the pastors engaged by the churches earned as low as N25,000 per month while some only received a recharge card at the end of the month.

Another Nigerian church pays pastors on as earn basis - from Tithe and church offerings.

Redeemed Christian Church of God

Full-time pastors (ND Holders) - N25,000/month

B.Sc. Holders - N35,000/month

Full-time Area Pastor N40,000/Monthly - in charge of about five or six parishes

Full-time provincial pastor N85, 000 - in charge of about 100 parishes or a state

Tithes (10 per cent) of their salaries were usually deducted before salaries were paid.

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

The salary scheme for the clerics ranges from N25,000 to N80,000 depending on the level of their deployment.

Newly ordained ministers who assist pastors-in-charge at zones and regions during deliverance programmes get about N15,000 monthly.

Zonal pastors get N40,000 and N45,000.

Pastors in the regional arms of the church get about N80,000/Month

The Living Faith Church Worldwide - Winners Chapel

Newly-ordained pastor outside Lagos – N35,000/month

Newly ordained Pastors in Lagos earn between N45,000 and N55,000.

Area pastor with some years of experience – N85,000/month

Resident pastor (state pastor) -N200,000/month

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Believers LoveWorld - Christ Embassy

Newly-ordained pastor - N40,000

Most of the pastors are engaged on part-time basis while the few ones on full-time appointments are paid like other workers in the ministry.

Deeper Christian Life Ministry

- 95 per cent of its members in Lagos are part-time workers who receive no salary.

- The most the part-time pastors get is N5, 000 for recharge cards monthly

Overseers and senior pastors get around N2.5m to N6m per annum

Lords’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries

No salary structure for pastors but entitled to one-tenth of whatever income that the church generates every week in tithe and offerings.

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