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Nigeria to Send 600 Volunteers to Ebola-hit Countries



Nigeria has announced plans to send a contingent of 600 volunteers to help Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone fight the worst outbreak of Ebola on record which has killed nearly 5,000 people in West Africa, the acting health minister said on Thursday.

"Nigeria has 600 health workers who have been trained in the field of Ebola containment who are ready to go to other effected African countries to help them in containment of Ebola spread," acting health minister Khaliru Alhassan said according to #Reuters.

"The first contingent of 250 Nigeria experts will be deployed soon," he said, without providing a date.

He added that the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control will also train health workers in the three countries.

"What we are waiting for now is that the request has to come through (West African regional bloc) ECOWAS and has to be coordinated by WHO," he said.

He also urged Nigeria not let its guard down after being declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization because the disease remains a threat to the country until it was contained.
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