Nigerian graduates are employable: Agada


The former minister of state for education, Dr. Jerry Agada disagreed with the notion that nigerian graduates are unemployable.

He attributed the poor standard of education in the country to poor funding, inadequate facilities and dearth of qualified teachers.

He also said that the non-implementation of the 26% budgetary allocation to education is also a source of problem. According to him, some universities are simply 'glorified secondary schools'.

One of the reasons for poor standard of graduates is the poor reading culture of students.

Dr. Agada also noted the efforts the government is making towards better education for the people.

He asked people to look at the nigerian graduates who are employed and excelling at their work. According to him, most nigerian graduates are highly qualified.

He has faulted the striking lecturers saying strikes cannot solve anything and that the key is negotiation.
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