Metro Nigerian Homosexuals Plan Abuja Protest Against Anti-gay Law

Plans to stage a demonstration against the recently signed anti-gay law in Abuja by Nigerian gays and lesbians, under the aegis of ‘The Right Defense’ is reportedly in the works.

The anti-gay law, though overwhelmingly supported by Nigerians, has been sharply criticised by western countries.

The Nigerian gays in a statement they accompanied with masked pictures of themselves said they were protesting against an “undemocratic and unlawful discrimination” of gays and lesbians and trans-genders in the country.

According to Nigerian Eye, they said the protest has become necessary in order to condemn “an increase in threats against fundamental human rights of certain persons including LGBT in the country.”

“This is not an ideological protest movement. It’s about quality of democracy in Nigeria. This is about people making some very democratic demands about the government’s need to respect freedom of assembly and freedom of association, as it is channeled in the United Nations universal declaration of Human Rights,” The Right Defense said.

“We also challenge the existence of the Nigeria human rights body, the National Human Right Commission for its lack of integrity and principle in the fight against discrimination and violation of individual rights,” it added.

The Right Defense said many of its members have suffered overt discrimination from law enforcement and judicial authorities, particularly in their various communities for being constantly accused of indecent practices.