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Nigerian Institute's Bio-bank to Aid Research for Ebola Cure, Other Deadly Diseases



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria (IHVN), Dr Patrick Dakum, said its planned bio-bank project would aid research in prevention and treatment of diseases across Africa.

He said the IHVN bio-bank is a tissue bio-repository made of special freezers in which samples could be stored over a long period of time for the purpose of research.

The official said researchers could use samples from the bio-bank to conduct important researches that would address diagnostic as well as treatment issues in the continent.

Dakum said the project would be based in Abuja and funded through an initiative for African scientists by the U.S. National Institute of Health.

According to him, solutions to the prevalence of certain disease conditions in Africa like Ebola, Lassa fever and HIV could be found through researches conducted with the aid of the IHVN bio-bank.

He said that the entire project would be executed within the framework of the Federal Government’s health policy.

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