Metro Nigerian Lawyer, Emmanuel Anene, Doubts The Abduction Of Chibok Girls [VIDEO]



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Emmanuel Anene, a legal practitioner has doubted the abduction of over 276 chibok school girls by Boko Haram, stating that the stories around the kidnap do not add up to be believed.

Anene said this on Thursday when he featured on Channels TV Sunrise Daily. Asked on his take on the recent release of the 82 schoolgirls, the legal practitioner said:

''To put the issue in proper perspective, when the girls when the girsl were abducted, the school principal said 129 students were kidnapped. After some time, she came up with 130 students were abducted. Again, after some time, the state's (Borno) commissioner for education said 274 schoolgirls were abducted. And then, President Jonathan set up a committee that went to Chibok, they came up with the report that 276 students were abducted, while 57 escaped; taking it down to 219.

He continued: the issue is this, the principal of the school does not know the number of students abducted, and so, how did they arrive at these figures?''

You can watch the rest of the interview in the video below:



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Albert Alagbor

New Member
That is very true my learned one. We all knows that this Drama was just acted to unseat Johnathan. But there is nothing hidden under the sun. One day we shall get the truth because what goes around comes around


New Member
I have been wondering over this o. But no way to air it. Nigerians are easily deceived. Imagine the no of people abducted at a time no info of their whereabouts. The security men couldn't intercept. Well, it's political game.