Metro Nigerian Soldier Allegedly Forces Lady to Pull Off Camouflage in Public [PHOTO]

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  1. kemi

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    According to reports online, the lady pictured below was forced to pull off her camouflage by Nigerian soldiers.

    See the photo below:
    camouflage lady.PNG
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  2. sandra Chinasa

    sandra Chinasa New Member

    :eek:. This one pass me ooo.
  3. T Money

    T Money New Member

    Wat was she thinking before she wore it in the first place. Here resemble Yankee for her eye?
  4. Austyno2006

    Austyno2006 Member

    See as the solder dey look the fresh body
  5. Paul anyanwu

    Paul anyanwu Member

    I think the soldier need something else,but don't know how to go straight to his point, absolute madness, such will never happen in civilised country.
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  6. Marcel Uzendu

    Marcel Uzendu New Member

    That's what you see in every zoo or animal kingdom where Haynes, Jackals and big lions are in control
  7. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    Wearing of camouflage by a non-military citizen is not allowed in this country, and I am sure she knows that. Sometimes we Nigerians make things difficult for ourselves.
  8. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    What she did was illegal. Simple.
  9. Oloche Moses Okwori

    Oloche Moses Okwori New Member

    Let us say she is wrong but I suspect there could be more humane ways of dealing with it especially being a lady. Not Nigeria
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  10. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    You have a point. But Nigerians understand force
  11. Oloche Moses Okwori

    Oloche Moses Okwori New Member

    You are absolutely right there
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