World No Immunity Deal for Yahaya Jammeh - Senegal

According to the foreign minister of Senegal, West African leaders did not agree to grant Yahya Jammeh any immunity during negotiations that convinced him to go into exile.

“President Jammeh and his team concocted a declaration to be endorsed by (regional bloc) ECOWAS, the United Nations and the African Union that gave him every guarantee, essentially impunity,” Mankeur Ndiaye said.

“This declaration was signed by no one.”

He spoke after the ECOWAS, AU and UN published a joint declaration which pledged, among other things, to protect Jammeh’s rights “as a citizen, a party leader and a former Head of State”, to prevent the seizure of property belonging to him and his allies, and to ensure he can eventually return to Gambia.

Ndiaye played down the significance of the document.

“I want to be clear on the fact that no ECOWAS head of state validated this declaration,” said Ndiaye, who added that Barrow had not been made aware of the document before its publication.


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