Entertainment Nollywood Omoni Oboli: Why I Ended Up Sleeping With 4 Women


Nollywood actress and film maker Omoni Oboli spoke to the Nigerian Sun Newspaper about the impact of her recent challenges with the film Okafor’s Law and the lawsuit that halted the premiere.

In quite a revealing interview, the actress, who came across as back to her bubbling best, revealed how the support of family and friends got her through very difficult professional and personal challenges. Around the same time as the 'Okafor’s Law' incident, she also lost her father.

Although her husband and children are a constant in her life for better or worse, she revealed that the stress was so much she had 4 female friends sleeping with her daily just to give her the support needed to get through things.

Omoni also starred in 'The Women’ with Nollywood legend like Kate Henshaw. The film is Directed Blessing Egbe.

Trailer For The Women

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