World Nude Photos of Rwandan Presidential Candidate 'Diane Shima Rwigara' Released



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Two days after joining the Rwandan Presidential race, nude pictures of Diane Shima Rwigara, hit the internet.

Diane Shima Rwigara.jpg

“I will be tackling poverty, I will be tackling injustice, I will be tackling insecurity. In the last 23 years RPF has been in power, they have not been able, not only to eradicate poverty but even to give Rwandans the minimum. Most Rwandans are dying of hunger, they have nowhere to live,” the 35-year old Rwigara had said when announcing her intention to run.

The release of her nude photos is likely to set her campaign backward although the youth might warm up to her candidature but for only excitement. She will run as an independent candidate in the election scheduled for later this year.


Don't take nudes.

Don't send nudes.

The Internet never forgets.

Where are the nudes though? :)


knew i'll find you here. Abeeg people should take nudes jor. She has a beautiful body sha
:D :D

Why would you take nudes? What for?
If you want to admire yourself, remove your clothes and do that.

If somebody wants to admire your body, invite them over, remove your clothes and let them do that.