Metro Obama Hospitalized, African President Kidnapped, Nigerian Big Shot Killed - New TB Joshua Prophecies


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Some reports have attributed the prophecies below to Prophet TB Joshua. The dateline on these prophecies is August 31st, 2014:

“Pray for the whole world and pray for your country. Concerning Nigeria, last time I was talking that, they should pray for a Nigerian big shot. Because I’m seeing these people beginning to target them.I said it in January, You saw what happened. This is another plan now, a very big big shot should not be attacked by these people, because it will result to death and that can cause crises in this country. They are looking for avenue to cause conflict amoung the region but I’m seeing in the spirit that they want to attack a very big big shot.

They have stopped it for sometime but they are starting the plan again,and when it happens it will cause political crises.

Remember the passenger plane in that region (Russia) and the one I am talking about in Nigeria. Pray….

Pray for Southern Africa.They want to get rid of a president in that region which I’m not permitted to mention. A president will be kidnapped. Don’t mis-quote me like I said last January,but quote this, I’m seeing militants,interested in embarrassing the president, either they kill him or kidnap him. They are still on in that plan. If prayer is not offered well, they will succeed. God showed me the president but I don’t want to put any country into pandemonium. Pray for them. Particularly Kenya as a nation. Pray for them.
The nation Poland, there will be crises there. It will start any moment from now .

Pray for the president Obama. I’m seeing him being rushed to the hospital but he will get over it. He should be careful of operation. Write it down and mark it. Pray so that when he is rushed to the hospital,they should be careful of the kind of operation they will do. He only needs rest but these scientists like to do everything. There is nothing we can do about it,he will be rushed. “


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